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September 25, 2006


James Shields

Dave, I know it's tough, but we're all rooting for you.



I just want to second what James is saying.
Take Care,

Paul McKinley.

Those tubes, while obviously necessary, don't sound like any fun at all :~( Everybodys' still sending you their best and wishing things get better real soon for you. It is good to hear that you can get out now and again though!

Fran Dowd Sofa

The Sheffield Group asked me to pass on the usuals, keep in touch.


You're having a rough time Dave. Keep with it. I'm thinking of you often.


Rest in peace.

Johan Anglemark

If anyone hasn't heard already, Dave passed away early this morning. Pádraig Ó M received the following from Terry Stewart, David's father, this morning:

"I am afraid that I am the harbinger of bad news.

"David had a major set back at 22.30 last night and we were sent for. He passed away at 03.30 this morning with Ann and Myself, his brother Niall and sister inlaw Germaine at his bed side.

"May he rest in peace after a great struggle bravely borne.

"Details of the funeral arrangements later.

"Ann and I appreciate the great kindness which you all showed to David and to us and we will always be grateful."

Johan Anglemark

Yes, farewell and rest in peace. I didn't know you, but when we saw each other at cons I always liked you.


Rest In Peace

John Lunney

I was very sad to receive this news. Rest in peace, David. My condolences to the family.

Karlin  Lillington

Dave, rest gently. You will be greatly missed at tech journo gatherings and on trips; you always had a Mac tip or two for me and some funny stories and you did everything with such enthusiasm. I hope you have gone to where the first releases of every Apple product will always come to you first and where you will be able to listen in to Steve's thoughts as he plans his next keynote surprise because I know nothing would delight you more. I know we will be sharing stories of you so that in some way, you'll be with us all, just as always, at the holiday press parties you always enjoyed so much. :^) Condolences to your family; they have lost a very singular person.


farewell, big fella

Richard Bannister

David - you will be missed. Rest in peace.

Grant Kruger

We're going to miss you.

Liam Donohoe

Dave, it was with great sadness that I heard of your passing today. On behalf of the Apple Ireland Team, I'd like to express my sincere condolences to your family.

Henry Leperlier

David, I can't believe you're not here to talk about life, Macs and Science Fiction.
We'll miss you all.
My deep condolences for the family. We genuinely liked him as a great human being.


Brian Greene

Dave, was always a pleasure to chat, bumping into you at mac events or around town. Rest in Peace.

Bernie Goldbach

We will miss you, David. And all your tech tips and insightful technology reportage.

Sean McGrath

Sad news. I only met you once Dave Stewart but I followed your blog thereafter and rooted for you during the treatment you blogged about with such fortitude.


Rest in Peace Dave. I never met you in Person - we almost met at Octocon once. I first encountered you on and had been following your blog since. You will be missed.


Goodbye Dave, we only chatted briefly at blogger events but you brimmed over with enthusiasm and had a great personality.

Liam Proven

Argh. Many of the things I'd want to say, to express how I feel, seem suddenly tactless. But I really *do* have a lump in my throat - and a tear in my eye - and it's painful to swallow. Goodbye, Dave. I was happy and proud to know you.

Laurie Mann

I'm sorry I'd lost track of Dave's blog...

I worked for Dave at Interaction and he was a wonderful boss. He ran a great press relations, and I'm sorry we won't have the opportunity to work together again.

Matt Johnston

Rest in peace my friend. As a fellow sci-fi freak and Mac junkie, I missed you at Apple Expo and will miss you at Octocon.

Darren Connolly

Dave was a gentleman and all-round witty guy, he'll be missed.

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