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June 27, 2006


Johan Anglemark

Still keeping all fingers crossed. It doesn't sound like whatb I'd characterise as fun, but you seem to bear up admirably. Go you.

Bernie Goldbach

The prognosis sounds optimistic--we're hanging with you, Dave.


You can leave the hospital soon? Good to hear good news. It's great that you've gotten this far. Hang in there, David.


It sounds like progress, however slow and miserable it may be. Contact me if you feel able to accept a visitor. e-mail or 2697659.


I'm sure you'll rise to the occasion, too, David.
It has been tough but you have the grit to get through the next stage.

Keep the heart up.


Great to hear you are coming out into the wide world again. I know you can hack it, you have done so well up to this.You are obviously getting VIP treatment, whatever they may say about hospitals! And think what you will save on haircuts! Thoughts and wishes are with you always.
Keep up the good work.


Good to hear Dave. Lots of people asking for you at Kinman's bash the other night, by the way.

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