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May 01, 2006



Trust me, if An Post were to be privatised, they wouldn't even try to deliver your mail, but would instead leave it at a post office in Cork for you to collect.


Ah yes, An Post - the only people in Ireland who never have to work on Saturdays. Begrudgery aside, I'm sure they have a difficult time with all the new estates on their routes.

I've been waiting for a parcel for three weeks - but since An Post is involved, I know better than to give up hope so easily, since a friend received a card recently with tomorrow's date on it : ) By contrast, I never expect postcards from Greece to arrive at all!

I honestly think that the management of An Post are unique in having no idea how to run a good service and remain on good - or even speaking - terms with their staff.

I've worked really odd hours for both small and large companies, a minor cog in the wheel, and been amazed in retrospect at how inspiring, shrewd, and effective my managers have been. None of them were of the old school of blaming others and all led by example. I say we should make the position of CEO subject to an online, international, public election. Managed perhaps by the National Lottery or the ESB.

And not, of course, a postal vote .

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