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March 21, 2006



"inserting a nasal-gastric tube" Been there! It is a really weird sensation! For me they were using it to take stuff out of my stomach as opposed to your putting stuff in.
At least you are free - It works wonders for your mental health.
Still thinking of you.


Great to hear that things are continuing to improve. Here's to well timed and, above all, successful, surgery!


Nice to hear you are home Dave.



Good to see that your treatment is progressing, Dave, and you're back at home. Best of luck with the next batch of treatments.

Howie Modell

Good to see you out and blogging again. I was getting worried.

It was great to IM for a bit ..

Keep getting better!



Oh, I had that tube too - if they offer you sedation -

Take it!

- would be my advice. Of course I just wanted to get it over & done with & have a cigarette afterwards. If you can't be a good example, sigh, you'll have to be a terrible warning.

If no sedation: well, watching the images onscreen is at least distracting & strangely interesting. It's not painful, and I am a coward, really, it doesn't hurt. There are no nerves in there. Otherwise we'd know when we were really ill, let's face it.

All the best, so glad to hear you are out for a while : )

Now's a good time to visit the Botanic Gardens. Very few people, fields apart, easily avoided. Oh, those germ-laden people with their smug immune systems ; )

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