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January 24, 2006



my porto-cath (chest instead of vein) was the business, the best thing for my thin veins ever. It meant I could read while undergoing chemo - which was a blessing.


Sorry to hear about your cancer. Can they replace the esophagus?

David Stewart

The doctors referred to what they put into me as a mediport but I've also heard it called a porto-cath.

Fran Dowd

Mine aren't deep, but they run away and hide. So the nurse thinks she's got one and it vanishes as soon as the needle goes in. When they do find them, they gush in a very satisfactory manner, but I come out with several holes in each elbow. It only needs doing every few months, otherwise I think I'd ask for one of your miracle devices. Blood? Certainly madam, just turn this little tap ...

All sounds very promising. Chin up.


Hang in there David. The City of the Tribes is rooting for you.

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