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January 18, 2006


Johan A


I read up a bit about this type of cancer and knew exactly what those liver spots would have meant if they had been cancerous. Maybe you could feel my fingers crossing all across the seas...

OK, best of luck now that you're going into treatment. I'm sure it will be a bitch, but other people have got through before you. Ádh mór ort!


Glad to hear it's resectable, but man would someone please talk to doctors about abuse of the english language and using ordinary language. I stopped my oncologist from using the fancy terms right about the first meeting when I translated for Dave 8).

Good luck and I'm pulling for you.


Best of luck with your treatment Dave. I'm thinking of you often.

Giulia De Cesare

Dave, this is the first I'd heard of this. I'm a bit stunned, but very glad the news is not as bad as it might have been. Hang in there, folks will be thinking of you.

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