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January 07, 2006


that girl

Sorry to hear your news - hope you have lots of good friends and family around to mind you at this time.


I'm sorry to hear about this. I hope you can make a full recovery and, like That Girl says, that you have plenty of loving and supportive people around you right now. You have all the Irish bloggosphere support you can imagine I'm sure.

The hurler on the ditch

Sorry to hear the bad news. Hope things get better quickly.



I have been where you are. I remember it too well. Mine was stage IV melanoma; but that is beside the point. I would offer you what I have learned: 1) Never ask the odds. In any cancer, some will survive, some will not. Each case is unique. 2) Know that you will survive. Believe it. There is no other course for your illness. 3) When I weakened in my resolve to follow points 1 & 2 above, I have found the 23'rd Psalm to be of some comfort.

I wish you Good Luck, and skilled physicians.

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