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July 24, 2004



I have some empathy with this viewpoint, but... I'm remain a bit fuzzy as to where/how the cut-off is placed, because of an incident at the height of the boycott: I refused an offer of South African grapes from dear_hubby's mom after dinner one evening.

She had thought she was giving me a big treat (and she was) because it was well-known how I enjoyed grapes. So, it was a bit of a shock for her to deal with my refusal (which was as polite as I could manage, but it was still a refusal).

While she didn't press the point, she did say how those organizing the boycott didn't seem to consider the effect on the very lowest rungs of society, who were dependent on the jobs created by that trade.

I didn't feel I had much of an answer, although she seemed satisfied with my explanation that a) the very lowest rungs were not being well looked-after even *with* those jobs and b) the bulk of the money from that trade was lining the pockets of those benefitting from apartheid, and the exploitation of the people it kept under.

I didn't feel my response was ideal, but it was all I could do, and I apologized profusely for having to disturb the peace of the house on this point.

Just a thought - and a note to let you know I've finally managed to find your weblog again.

Crazy(missing you on LJ!)Soph

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