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January 25, 2004



If you're thinking of Galway, the Radisson may be worth a try. It has good and bad points, but it's big.


I'd love to see a Galway Eurocon!

David Stewart

Johan, will you be at Concourse in Blackpool this Easter? If so, I'll be delighted to sell you a pre-supporting membership :-)


I suspect you'd find a number of antsy North Americans who would hear "Belfast" and decide not to attend. Just like seeing two people with masks at Torcon because SARS had hit, and wondering how many didn't bother because a few dozen people in a city of 2.5 million died from it.



Dear Dave

Congrats on having a setrious contemplate about a Eurocon.

Forgive if I may gently offer a few words of advice.

First, A Eurocon is a Eurocon and not a souped up Nat con.

Second, venue town must have an international airport with direct connections to Frankfurt (w.europe mainland hub) and Budapest (or Vienna at a pinch)(Central Europ hub). A town far from an airport means even more travel on top of that to an internat aiport, a possible change of plans etc. Plus a day extra of cost each end (or at least the extra cost of a transferable air ticket to allow for transport problems)

Get Eurocon guests (and certainly nobody who has been a Eurocon,. Worldcon, Eastercon Guest in past decade). There are very many worthy souls from mainland Europe.

The standard you have to live up to is Brighton 84, Jersye 93, Timisoara 94 and Dortmund 99. (87 and 95 were dominated by the Worldcon and so did not have a discernable Eurocon identity (o5 will probably be the same but thems the breaks when merging with a Worldcon)

Bear in mind that Dublin had pluses and minuses. The latter included: poor advance programme planning (and liaison/preparation with prog participants), and no nhight time centre of socialising (the castle bar/cafe was not big enough and did not allow you in after the early evening!

Hope this does not all seem frightfully obvious. Apols if it does but best to say these things now.

Good luck



Greetings to 2007 Eurocon bid from 2006 Eurocon bid :-). We bid for Eurocon in 2006 in Kiev, Ukraine.


We won :-)

David Stewart

Yes. I met Dave Lally yesterday and he told me. Congratulations.

Olav M.J. Christiansen

Greetings from Denmark and thank you for the competition. As most of you probably know by now, Denmark won the bid, and this means that the Eurocon 2007 will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. I hope we'll see some of you there. Btw: Am looking for agent in Ireland. Cheers/Olav.

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