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October 18, 2003


Bernie Goldbach

I must remember to shoot with my Fuji S602Z camera because its resolution makes people look much better than the Concord eyeQ camera.


Unfortunately I was struck down with a bug and wasn't able to attend Clarence Hotel to meet fellow bloggers for the first time. I am just after finding a link to a blog by David Stewart in which he says: "There were about seven of us in the Clarence Hotel this afternoon". About seven? Was it that hard to count the people or was the room just too big to see everyone who attended? I wonder just how much drink was consumed there.

David Stewart

I say about seven because I neglected to actually do a headcount while I was there. I reconstructed the number after the fact and I probably left out some people. In fact, now that I think of it I definitely did. I forgot to count myself! D'oh.

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